The Relationship between PEO and UM vision

The Relationship between PEO and UM vision

  UM vision

(a) Providing higher education in accordance with the University Motto (Humanity, Integrity, Propriety, Wisdom and Sincerity);

(b) Promoting academic research and disseminating knowledge;

(c) Advancing culture, science and technology and promoting Macao's growth;

(d) Cultivating responsible citizens and leaders of high caliber who possess sound moral judgment and the ability of independent thinking necessary to meet the needs of development of Macao and the region.

(a) Pursue advanced studies in Computer Science, or a professional career in a related field. X X X  
(b) Apply knowledge to effectively analyze and assess practical problems and provide appropriate solutions.   X X X
(c) Work collaboratively in a team environment and communicate effectively both in written documents and oral presentations. X     X
(d) Recognize technological change and embrace lifelong learning. X   X  
(e) Understand and deal with ethical, societal and global issues associated with the computing profession.   X   X